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TWBlue 0.50 has been released!

Submitted by manuel on Wed, 12/17/2014 - 09:21

Today it's being a year from the day we started developing TWBlue. For celebrating TWBlue's birthday, we're glad to announce its 0.50 release. This is possible because of our work as a team in translating, developing and fixing failures which have been reported by users during Snapshot's period.

This release is the first in changing its status from alpha to beta software; because we bear the quantity of critical errors it can produce has been reduced, so that any user can use TWBlue in a stable way. Besides, we have put on a releasing cycle, which will allow us to work and generate releases right orderly in the future.

Below, you can see TWBlue's news. Please, remember you can download different formats of this release from our Download's page. Also, you can report bugs you might find in our bug tracking system -which is the same as before- to track them.

Now, you needn't waiting anymore. Download TWBlue 0.50!


  • Now your users and followers are updated when they should.
  • The icon in the tray system is destroyed when the software is closed.
  • If it's allowed on the tweet, you may mention the whole users by pressing the keystroke ALT+T.
  • The autocomplete function has been added. Being on a tweet, write part of a name and press Alt+a. If there is any result of that user on the TwBlue-database, you'll see it on the menu. You can set the users who will appear on the users TwBlue-database from the settings dialogue.
  • Tweets show more information about themselves like their number of retweets or how many times have been marked as favourite.
  • Since there's only an account set on TwBlue, this will start automatically. On the contrary, the session manager will ask about the account you wish open.
  • Now you can switch between your accounts on TwBlue from the application menu. (Switching between accounts takes around 30 MB of ram :)).
  • Now the session manager can delete accounts and misconfigured sessions.
  • When there's more than one URL, you can choose the one which will be tried to play.
  • Now lists shows users’ tweets without showing all the answers.
  • Now, when the right button of the mouse or the applications key is pressed, it appears a contextual menu on the graphical user interface. This menu allows you to do specific actions for the selected item.
  • Now TwBlue can retrieve the location of those tweets which have been sent with that information. You will hear a sound which indicates it has geographical information. Press Control+Windows+G for listening to the location, press Control+Shift+Windows+G for seeing that location in a text box, or see it from the tweet menu on the menu bar.
  • Trending topics are supported. A buffer for trending results of an specific country or city can be created either by pressing Control+win+T or by looking for that option on the application menu on the menu bar. Results will be updated every 5 minutes.
  • On trending buffers, you can tweet using the selected trend by pressing Control+win+r on the invisible interface or Control+R on the Graphical user interface. Also, there is a button to do it on the GUI.
  • Now, the module for searching updates will inform when it could not connect to the server.
  • TWBlue can be set for using the invisible interface's shortcut, even if the graphical user interface (GUI) is displayed. By default, this option is disabled to maintain compatibility with other tweeter clients.
  • The bug tracking system has been incorporated to TWBlue again.
  • There should not be problems at the time of mentioning to the whole users while someone is answering any retweet.
  • There has been solved a critical error which avoided the system to be turn off when TWBlue was running. Now, TWBlue will be closed before the computer turns off and the system will be normally closed.
  • The ignored-clients module has also been improved. Any twitter client can be added in the action dialogue causing all tweets from this client to be omitted from buffers.
  • TWBlue shouldn't have run with special permission’s during its first running at the time of being installed.