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TWBlue Snapshot 7 has been released!

Submitted by manuel on Thu, 03/19/2015 - 00:28

After a long time, in which we have been working on the rebuilt of the TWBlue source code, we're pleased to announce the release of the TWBlue Snapshot 7 that includes lots of new features and improvements. Please note that this version can be very unstable, so use it at your own risk.

Here you have the changelog for this new version. Please don't use the bug tracking system for sending bug reports, send us a mention to the TWBlue twitter account instead.

Changes in this version

Please understand that this is a snapshot version. It is almost certain that you will find bugs. Please report them to us so that they can be fixed for future versions.

Following is a list of changes for this release.

Changes for this new version

The source code for this program has drastically changed in this new version. Most of the features have been rewritten to be more efficient following a different design pattern. It is very possible that there will be bugs, even some that have already been solved before, called regressions. It's also possible that this version won't be compatible with earlier TW Blue configurations. Don't attempt to update the previous program snapshot to this one. Instead, download the new version cleanly. Note that support for lists and conversations hasn't been written yet for this version.

  • The source code for this program has been rewritten to match the MVC design pattern.
  • You can now open as many sessions as you have set up for the program. You can set up your sessions on the first startup screen or using the manage accounts option in the application menu.
  • Due to a change in Audioboom's policies, TW Blue can no longer play audio from this service attached to tweets.
  • You can now close a TW Blue session by going to the account panel (it's name in the tree view) and clicking the "logout" button. Likewise, you can reopen the session by clicking on the button again, this time called "login". When an account is closed all it's buffers will be deleted, and when it's reopened they will be created again.
  • You can also check a box which will turn on and off the autologin for the selected account. You can have accounts that log in automatically when TW Blue opens and others that don't.
  • In the invisible interface, you can now move from one account to the other by pressing Control+Win+Shift+left or right arrows.
  • Tweets should now be displayed correctly in Basque and Catala (we are working on a fix for Galician).
  • The sounds tutorial should now work flawlessly, even if there are more or less sounds than those require for the program in the folder. When a sound is missing, it will simply not play.
  • Streams should now be able to detect if they are not working correctly and notify the program, which will restart them.
  • A new soundpack for TW Blue has been created.
  • There are now two options dialogs in the program: the global options dialog, which contains settings that will affect the whole program, and the account options dialog, which has settings related to the account you were using when you opened the dialog.
  • The update dialog that shows when a new version is available now shows the new version number and a brief description of the changes.
  • TW Blue's spellchecker will no longer flag twitter usernames, E-Mail addresses, URL addresses or trending topics as spelling mistakes.
  • The username autocompletion system is now smarter when replacing matches in a tweet.
  • The dialog to open a user's timeline now contains two radio buttons which let you select if you wish to view the user's tweets or their favorites.
  • TW Blue now creates much more detailed logs.
  • Each session can now have it's own soundpack as well as a separate volume control.
  • There are now two buffers for sent items: the sent tweets buffer and the sent direct messages buffer.
  • The bug that caused TW Blue to stop posting tweets or take a long time to post should now occur a lot less frequently.
  • In the buffer menu, inside the menu bar, the "mute buffer" and "autoread" options are now checkable.
  • You can now use the username autocompletion feature to write direct messages. Start typing the username in the recipient field, without the at sign. Then press Alt+A and select the username you wish.
  • In a trending topics buffer, you can now press Win+Enter in the invisible interface or Enter in the visible interface to automatically search for the given topic.
  • You can open up a conversation by pressing control+win+c in the invisible interface, or in the tweet menu from the menu bar. This is an experimental feature.

Download TWBlue Snapshot 7