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TWBlue 0.80 has been released!

Submitted by manuel on Sun, 11/29/2015 - 07:57

After a long time (to be exact just over 10 months) without releasing any new updates for TWBlue. today the team is pleased to announce the new stable version of the twitter client, version 0.80.

This version is full of new features and has been completely rewritten from scratch to allow things that version 0.51 did not allow like implementing support for multiple accounts or run on multiple operating systems. This has been possible thanks to the snapshot users who were reporting all the errors and the translators who daily strive to make the entire program available in your native language, users who make donations to maintain the operating server, those who spread what they like and recommend the client. who made suggestions to have a Twitter client to remain free and more powerful than before. To all those people we owe this new generation of TWBlue.

Below is a list of things that have changed since the last stable version 0.51. Note that there are many other things along the nearly 12,000 lines of code and almost 600 changes in our source code repository, but here you will see the most important developments.

  • The spelling checker has received some improvements. Now no longer detects email addresses, URLS, twitter usernames or trends as errors.
  • Multiple sessions are supported. This means you can configure and have open as many twitter accounts as you wish. Check the Keystroke editor for shortcuts to move between accounts in the invisible interface. You can always add more accounts by going under applications, then manage accounts. You can set a sound pack for each account so it will have its own sounds. This makes it easier to recognize the events that occur.
  • The translator works again.
  • New sound pack specially made for this new generation of TWBlue.
  • Conversations now have their own buffer. This means you can see a list of tweets involving a user, even if the tweets are from users who you are not following.
  • The documentation has been updated to be fully consistent with the new features of this release.
  • The keystroke editor has more functionalitys and a run button, which allows you to perform the action that is selected in the list. It also allows not to use the Windows key, before you had to use it.
  • The invisible interface supports keymaps. These maps can be useful for the application to behave correctly with other programs. Currently you can choose your keyboard layout by going to global settings. Each map change the keyboard shortcuts assigned to each function. Currently there are keymaps similar to Chicken Nugget, Qwitter and for windows 10 users as the default keymap does not work in this windows version.
  • There are two dialogs to set settings, global settings and account settings. The Global settings configures basic aspects of the application that that affects the entire program, like interface language and keymaps. Account settings configures the selected account, like ignore clients, buffers to display, API calls and Auto completion. Both dialogs can be opened from the application menu, or through the invisible interface.
  • Dropbox has been removed from the services to which they can upload audio to TWBlue.
  • In the GUI we have changed the location of the tutorial sounds, it is now in the help menu and the new trend buffer which is now in the buffer menu.
  • TWBlue supports long tweets thanks to Twishort services. You can read and send tweets over 140 characters. Reading long tweets automatically can be configured from the global settings.
  • Other features that you will see on TWBlue are quoted tweets and long direct messages.
  • The Autocomplete database is smarter when adding people.
  • You can use autocomplete in more places, such as the fields to enter the recipient for direct messages and when opening the timeline of someone.
  • The messages sent and the sent tweets buffer have been separated.
  • You can move the main buffers around, show or hide them in a new way from the Account settings menu.
  • In the context menu that appears when you press the application key on an item, more options will show up for tweets, posts and users

Download TWBlue 0.80!