Welcome to the New TWBlue website

Hello everyone! Today we are pleased to announce the new TWBlue website. We have been working in a redesign of the current site of TWBlue for making it easier to translate, so you will be able to read this webpage in your native language, even if it is not English.

Currently, we are working for translating this website into Spanish, French and Russian. More translations may be added later, though. Other sections of the website are working properly (Downloads page, soundpacks and an updated version of the documentation, produced for TWBlue 0.86, can be read throught the main menu).

If you do speak Spanish, French or Russian, we are happy to announce that you will be able to access to the fully translated version of the TWBlue site in to your native language, by adding /code_name to the end of the URL. For example, the URL for this website is https://twblue.es. If you want to see the spanish version of the site, just go to https://twblue.es/es. And it will show you the right version in the Spanish language. The same will be for Russian (https://twblue.es/ru) and French (https://twblue.es/fr).

Another way for changing the language is to display the main menu (in some browsers, you'll find a button that will show you the main menu), and select the language that you want from the second list.

In addition, when you are reading a section in the website, you will see all available translations in a header, so it will allow you to switch to another language if you want to do so.

We hope you will enjoy this new website, wich will be faster and safer.