Soundpacks for TWBlue

You can customise your TWBlue by placing new soundpacks in the sounds folder. The following is a list of packs created by users to enhance the TWBlue experience.

Installing a Soundpack

To install a new soundpack you simply have to unzip one of the folders you have downloaded from this page. Locate your TWBlue folder, and look for sounds. Place the folder you have unzipped there, you should already see one folder called default.

To change the soundpack you are using open TWBlue and go to preferences, sound. There you will find the option to change your soundpack.

List of Available Soundpacks

Note: If you own any of the sounds used in these packs and would like them removed, please email

Name creator version of TWBlue supported
Default The TWBlue Team 0.93
Magical Fountain Valeria K. 0.93
Punch Out Duyahn Walker 0.93
The Legend of Zelda Duyahn Walker 0.93
Celu Blue Marcelo Sosa 0.93
iOs David Martínez 0.93
Playroom David Martínez 0.93
Windows David Martínez 0.93
Tw Sounds X Javier Orduña 0.93
Sonidos de Cartoon Network Andrés Nava 0.93
Sonidos de Samsung Andrés Nava 0.93
Sonidos de La sala de juegos Andrés Nava 0.93
Erithro David Martínez 0.93
Comical David Martínez 0.93
Mario Bross David Martínez 0.93
Special David Martínez 0.93

Submitting a Soundpack

If you want to submit a soundpack, please model it on the default soundpack, making sure filenames and extentions are correct. If you would like to submit it to this page for all to download, you can either send an email to or tweet @tw_blue2 with a link so we can download the pack.

Thank you!